Generate PDFs from any form builder plugin quickly and easily and automatically

The Chameleon Feature

The best thing about Form Generating PDF is that it can work alongside any form builder, if you want to convert your form entries to a nice looking PDF with the design you prefer, you can easily do that and you’re not tied to work with a specific form builder.


All you need is right here

Easy admin panel
You don't need to be a technical wizard to setup PDF projects, you can quickly and easily set which fields populate which PDF form fields, and adjust test styles, define their position on your PDF template.
Use your own PDF template
You can choose any PDF, so create the design you want with any tool such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Photoshop, and use your PDF as template.
Send as Email Attachment
It can automatically email the PDF to both the admin and the user as soon as the form is completed. 
Download the PDF
Automatically turns collected form submission data into professional, elegant PDFs that are easy to share with colleagues and customers.
Multilingual Support
We support all languages, including complex symbol-based languages like Chinese and Japanese, as well as Right to Left (RTL) languages including Arabic and Hebrew. You can also install your own fonts.
All Form fields are supported
The plugin detects all sort of input types such as : text, email, password, radio, checkbox, select, textarea, date, file, number, tel, time, url, etc.
Privacy Protected
Generated PDFs are never stored on the server. All generated PDFs are stored locally on your website.
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Digital Signatures
Add digital signatures and other images added to your forms directly into your PDF, perfect for contracts PDF documents commonly require signatures.
File Upload Field
By using Form Generating PDF, users can upload images on forms, they can be added to the PDF documents seamlessly.
Shortcode Parameters
All of the user inputs can be set dynamically on the email subject, body and also on the name of the attachment using a simple shortcode.
Map Form Fields to PDF Fields
Map any form builder form field to your own PDF template, you can set any number of fields you want.
Add your own fonts
You can upload any TTF font you want, it's easy to add new font that match exacly the one on your PDF document.
How it works

Generate a PDF of any WordPress Form submission attach it to an email and send a copy to your customers

Make your work easier

Create a PDF project

Add new project gets you started, the project consists of a name and the page where resides your form.

Go beyond what’s in the box

Configure the plugin

There are a lot of customisation you can make depending on your projects need, things like what PDF template to use, how to print some special fields, page orientation, adding new fonts, email subject and body and more to explore.

Do magic tricks

Adjust some fields options

Lots of options to explore on how you want to print the inputs, in each one you can adjust font options, the position on the shipped PDF, text alignment and width etc.

Run your project in minutes

Form Generating PDF is the simplest and fastest plugin on WordPress

1 Create a PDF of your own design

You can create a PDF using Photoshop or MS Word or any tool, choose that PDF template to get started.

2 Add your template to a PDF project

Link the form to the PDF template that you created in where you want to put the HTML form data.

3 configure your project with some customised options

More and more options to explore to fit your project needs.

4 Map fields of your form to your PDF template

You can adjust font options, the position of the fields, the text alignment, width, font size, color, etc.


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