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What is Maxbot ?

Maxbot is a chatbot-building software that creates intelligent, interactive and customizable bots for your business. Acquire, engage and retain more customers with an efficient chatbot that offers support through every step of the funnel.

What can it do for the business?

A new way to communicate with customers.

24X7 support & Instant answers
Maxbot a smart solution to ensure that customers receive the instant response that they demand and improve customer satisfaction levels.
Improved lead generation and nurturing
Maxbot can follow the pre-set questionnaire to convert your website visitors into potential prospects, and engages the customers by giving personalized recommendations, combo offers, or discount coupons to improve sales conversions.
Save customer support cost
Businesses can optimize their costs without compromising their customer ser vice quality using Maxbot.
Improve customer experience
Maxbot deliver immediate one-on-one responses to your customers, and based on the customer details and history it can engage them by addressing them by their name during the conversation, and it's your ultimate brand representatives.
Easy scalability
Human agents have a limitation in terms of workload they can handle and the number of hours they can support . Unlike Maxbot who can simultaneously manage thousands of conversations, as it's easily scalable to handle a large volume of chats without affecting the business costs and efficiency.
Maxbot empowers your business and save time by providing the first level support that filters a customer request before it is directed to the team, it helps handling the bulk of repeated and simple queries so that agents can spend more time on more crucial issues that need human intervention.
Enhanced team productivity
Maxbot engage customers by answering their queries in real-time and drastically improve response time by responding instantly to the general FAQs and to the simple repeated queries, and help businesses to save customer service costs and time spent on solving these queries, hence the number of support tickets for human agents will be reduced.
Active approach rather than passive
Proactive conversations improve your brand perception in the long run as it makes your customers happy and valued. Your customers become your loyal customers and stay associated with your brand for a long time.
Reduced common human errors
Maxbot is the best way to deliver error-free service and avoid any further complications. As it is programmed to use available information. There is no chance of errors, accuracy is guaranteed with Maxbot.
Monitoring consumer data & gaining insights
Maxbot can be used to track customer’s purchasing patterns and behaviors by monitoring user data with the feedback they collect through simple questions. This helps businesses to decide things like -which products to market differently, which to market more, and which ones to improve or relaunch, according to Forbes.

Maxbot in action

In a short span of time, bots have become an integral part of a business’ software ecosystem. With Maxbot's simple, friction-free process, building and integrating bots has never been easier!

1 Evaluate Use Cases

The team analyzes the applicable use case, business objectives, target users, competition, and prospective market segment, to determine the implementation framework.

2 Conversation Flow Design

At this stage, our conversational experience designers step in to channel the voice of the business. They add tandem with the event team to make a procedural flow of dialogue that determines tasks, bot personality, tone, and context of the conversation.

3 Testing

In this phase, we rerun conversational flows, integrations and business scenarios through various test cases to realize desired bot performance and bug-free implementation. Finally, user testing as well as application testing, is done, to cap the development process.

4 Deployment

This is the release phase everyone is waiting for. The intelligent bot is deployed on the company’s preferred platforms and is prepared to interact with users within the execution environment.

5 Monitor and Optimize

Once published, the bot performance is monitored by analyzing conversation logs and usage insights to fix breakage points and reduce abandoned conversations. Analytics also help measure the bot’s ROI and run A/B tests to further optimize the utilization case, conversation flow and customer experience.

Use Cases

Chat bots are industry agnostic and can be applied to any line of business for multiple different use cases

Improve your customer communication

Hospitality and Travel

Chatbots have entered the normal hospitality landscape with a promise to enhance hotel operations, drive revenue and enhance customer experience. Chatbots can easily answer booking-related queries without human intervention thereby reducing turn-around time. Chatbots are available around the clock, which suggests people landing on your website at any time of the day can have their queries answered instantly by the chatbot, thus helping you capture leads even outside operational hours. Intelligent chatbots can even provide personalized recommendations by learning from customers’ behavior and making use of machine learning algorithms. Chatbots can interact with prospective customers in their native languages, personalizing the experience for your customer and allowing your business to tap into new markets.


Improve workflows and productivity

Call Centers

Humongous amount of calls received by call-center employees makes it an ideal use-case for implementing chatbots. Chatbots can address generic queries during a conversational manner, with zero waiting time, thus making the customer experience seamless. With chatbot to human handover, chatbots can even summon the designated human agent to handy over a posh query. Unlike human agents, chatbots function 24*7 which suggests no lead/contact goes unanswered and you are doing not lose any business even outside business hours. The lead details captured by the chatbot can then be passed on to the agents, thus ensuring that only the qualified leads are pursued further.

Resolve problems smarter & faster


Chatbots are increasingly being implemented across the healthcare industry to improve patient experience and cut costs in hospital operations. Conversational bots can schedule appointments with doctors based on their availability. A chatbot also can assess symptoms and direct the patient to the relevant specialist. Health chatbots address your patients’ queries at their convenience, enabling your hospital to be accessible to your patients 24x7. Many operational tasks involved withiin the pre and post consulting phase are often taken care of using chatbots, in order that doctors and nurses can focus well on attending and treating patients.[


Generate and qualify leads automatically


In the manufacturing space, chatbots can increase operational efficiency monumentally by making information available instantly. Employees can simply ask the chatbot for upto date inventory updates before deciding to restock the materials, thus eliminating delays and interdependency among teams. With real-time information available at fingertips, teams can make faster decisions and coordinate better with one other. Bots can also send alerts and notifications in different scenarios like stock arrival, over-stocking, under-stocking and help ease the process of warehouse management.

Enhance customer experience


Using finance chatbots, customers can manage their accounts, instantly check their bank balance, and manage their expenses at their convenience. Customers can also perform secure payments and other transactions through the chatbot, without having to separately download an app. Chatbots can address simple queries of the customers, thus taking away much of the workload off customer support teams which can focus better on complex queries that require human input. Using human handover, chatbots can even summon a human advisor in the conversation if the need arises. Chatbots can suggest various schemes relating to mutual funds, stocks, pension funds, insurances, tax-saving policies and more, thus serving as a financial advisor, tax assistant, expense manager, etc.

Use Cases

How Maxbot Works ?

Balance automation with human touch

Give Your Chatbot a unique profile

Don’t let your chatbot get lost in the growing chatbot crowd. When thinking about a name think about your chatbot marketing. More and more companies are implementing chatbots, and if yours does not have a unique name, it will not be remembered or found online. Giving your chatbot a unique name will ensure your customers can search for it easily.


Design more natural conversations

Create a natural conversation flow

Make sure your bot is conversational! Conversational bots make the interaction between your chatbot and your audience more open, allowing you to understand your customer's needs better and gather more valuable data. The whole point of your bot is to answer your audience’s questions. Therefore, be sure to not get in the way of the conversation, on the contrary, facilitate it.

Collect user information automatically

Figure out which data you want to gather

Chatbots are a valuable data gathering tool. This comes back to setting goals. Think about the data you’d like to gather from your audience, and tailor your chatbot’s conversation flow to ask the right questions to acquire this data.


Clear up misunderstandings

Evaluate and optimize your bot regularly and make it artificially intelligent

As mentioned above, you will extend your bot's functionalities by creating new and improved versions of it. After all, a chatbot is a powerful digital marketing tool, and as with any marketing tool, it needs to be regularly evaluated and optimized.

Customize Design for Your Chatbot


Steps to collect user data with Maxbot

For this example, let's open your Flow editor and create a new conversation block, in which we will ask the user what is his/her email.

Add a Data Column - Email Address, Enter a name for the variable to catch the email on the conversation and set Validation Type and Message Validation.
Let's add a new message which will thank the user for his/her input. We can use @ to catch the input.
You can see all the data provided by the users, and export entries to a well formatted stylesheet

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